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alert system

Our simple-to-use alert system is designed to save time in an emergency by sharing information faster.  Press once for yellow (caution), twice for red (warning), or three times to dial 911 within the app, while still sharing the alert with other EmergencMe users in the area.

smart i.c.e.

Optionally, you can manage your emergency information from the same application.  Only authorized public safety officials will have access to it behind our 3-point security system.  You will be notified if an anonymous version of your information is accessed via text or email including who, when, and why.


You can activate or disable this option at anytime, right from your mobile device.

Open is better than closed

Our Open Alert System means that when you send an alert, it is shared with others in the community in addition to family, friends, and subscribing Public Safety Officials immediately.


Those same Public Safety Officials can share more informative Alerts with citizens.  These notifications can include location, images, & updates.


App Features

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Progressive Notifications
Progressive Notifications
Our new progressive notification settings let you determine what in app notifications that you'd like to receive. You can also manage notifications from individual members of your Safety Network.
Add your closest contacts to your Safety Network so you can contact them quickly and even invite them to “follow” you for a brief period of time. A green dot indicates that they may have been in the same county as you recently.
The Alert Feed
The Alert Feed
A new way to see what is happening around you. Click on the feed for an item and be taken to a map view with all of the related information.
Real Actionable Information
Real Actionable Information
See location information of alerts via our map view. Additionally you can click on alerts for more information including images.


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threat navigator

Quickly orient yourself  to the alert location.  Red points to it, Green points away.  Also see the type of alert and distance to it.

Map view

See what is happening in the local area.  Click on the alert to learn more details especially from Public Safety Alerts.

open Alert system

 Share alerts with other subscribers in the area as well as family members and subscribing  public safety  officials.

utilizes existing 911

The only way to ensure a public safety response is to dial 911.  You can do that easily in our app by pressing the alert button 3-times.

smart i.c.e.

Store emergency information about yourself, your family, and your house to save subscribing responders time.

More Features

We are updating our app often with additional features.  Contact us if you have an idea at




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