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View information that your citizens manage via their mobile or web app.  Only authorized officials can view an anonymous version of the information after choosing why.  Notification of access is sent to the citizens including who, when, and why it was viewed.

Types of Info


Number of People

Medical Concerns

Household Information







Emergency Information System

Mass Notifications that put actionable information into the hands of the public.

Location Information
Location Information
Visual map display helps people quickly relate to where the event is occurring. Additionally, any users traveling in the area will receive alerts.
Alert Images
Alert Images
Provide relevant images to help get critical information into the public domain quickly.
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Quickly get people's attention.
  • Consumers can share alerts with their safety network members and public safety officials.
  • Send text messages to those that citizens that share alerts to get more information.

Tap into the power of the public.

EmergencMe | Community Safety Platform

The domain system provides you with a method to send alerts to just your students or employees while they still receive alerts from other public safety agencies and citizens in the local area.

DOMAINS-Closed Alert Option For Campuses


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  • Do all agency users have access to all of the features?

    No.  Each agency is different.  Some only need the ability to view, others need the ability to send mass notifications.  We do have certain guidelines for those that request access to consumer's household information system.


  • What is a Community Safety Platform ?

    Our multi-functional platform is designed not only to send or receive information but to provide real collaboration tools to help agencies and the public work together to keep our communities safe.


  • Is EmergencMe only for a dispatch environment?

    No.  Our web based application can be viewed on any terminal with access to the internet. Public Safety users also have slightly different functionality in the Mobile App to give them a useful tool wherever they are.


  • Why are location based alerts important?

    Basic alerts rarely include enough information to help engage the public quickly.  Location based alerts mean that users can visually process  the information more quickly via map or radar view, and react appropriately.


    Additionally, other EmergencMe users will receive alerts when visiting your community without having to sign-up.

  • What functionality does the domain system provide for campuses?

    The domain system provides an organization the ability to send various type of alerts to only their employees or students.


    Members of the domain will still receive alerts from other area public safety agencies which allows critical information to be shared more quickly.


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EmergencMe | Community Safety Platform
EmergencMe | Community Safety Platform